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Spa & Hot Tubs

  • sport-top


    5 Person

  • rendezvous-top


    8 Person

  • escape-premium


    6 Person

  • Nordic Bella

    Nordic Bella

    2 Person

  • Nordic-Hot-Tub


    5 Person



    6 Person



    6 Person



    5 Person



    6 Person



    6 Person

  • D'Amour


    6 Person



    5 Person

  • model 162

    Model 162

    7’4″ x 7’4″
    321 gallons

  • model 552

    Model 552

    7’10” x 7’10”
    411 gallons

  • model 662

    Model 662

    7’10” x 7’10”
    425 gallons

  • model 451

    Model 451

    6’7″ x 7’4″
    304 gallons

  • model 231

    Model 231

    5’6″ x 6’10”
    195 gallons

  • model 682

    Model 682

    7’10” x 7’10”
    416 gallons

Shell Colors

  • Shell 1 Platinum– The platinum color is a classic. It is one of the most popular spa shell colors because the light color with subtle dark marble-like striations creates an air of elegance, and the color goes well with any hot tub cabinet combination. The near white color reflects any colored lighting in the spa to enhance the mood of your overall hot tub experience. The platinum hot tub shell color is especially striking with the mahogany and driftwood spa cabinets.
  • Shell 1 Mirage– The mirage color is a popular spa shell color because of its warmer marble color. The elegance of the subtle light striations combine with the natural tones to make this a true classic. Particularly popular in the European hot tub market, mirage has the right combination of flair and simple sophistication. This spa color works well with any of the four hot tub cabinet combinations and is especially attractive with the mahogany or driftwood spa cabinets.
  • Shell 1 Pearl– The pearl spa shell color is a light solid color with a shiny, smooth surface that works well with any color scheme. The pearl color is slightly off-white creating an elegant look for those that prefer to avoid a more stark white. This spa color is easy to maintain and beautifully accentuates the contours of any Bullfrog Spa Model. The pearl spa shell goes well with all cabinet options and is popular with the redwood and mahogany cabinets.
  • Shell 1 Graphite– The graphite hot tub color is a beautiful dark, almost black that is sure to remain a classic. At first glance, the spa appears to be solid black, but looking close, you’ll notice that it actually has an interesting texture and tiny flecks of color that give it some interesting reflective qualities and flair. Black never goes out of style in design or in your spa. Choose a teak cabinet for high contrast in your hot tub, a driftwood spa cabinet for a like color, or the redwood spa cabinet according to your preference.
  • Shell 1 Tanzanite– Tanzanite, a color in the spa mineral series, combines the beauty and appeal of precious stones with a subtle blue. This blue spa acrylic is textured to add functionality to your hot tub experience. Blue is a favorite alternative to other earth-toned color options. You can design your Bullfrog Spa with the tanzanite shell and redwood spa cabinet for a popular conventional look, the driftwood cabinet for a cool blue and gray tone combination, the teak cabinet for a nice complimenting contrast, or the mahogany shell for a rich and modern look.
  • Shell 1 Sandstone– Sandstone is a unique spa shell color that mimics the look of natural granite. This beautiful natural color has an earthy feel with several small flecks of brown and gray tones. This color is highly textured for a non-slip hot tub surface, and is easy to maintain. Sandstone is neutral enough to work well with any spa cabinet selection, and whatever your cabinet color choice, it will coordinate with and bring out one the flecks of color (brown or gray) in the Sandstone color spa shell.
  • Shell 1 Snow– Snow is a true white hot tub color that is smooth and reflective. The white color is best for allowing you to enhance the mood of your hot tub experience with different colors of hot tub lights. The snow hot tub shell goes well with any Bullfrog Spa cabinet option and the conservative matte finish is popular with many.


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